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Scans & X-Ray Information

Scan and X-Ray requests are entered electronically by your GP and include all the information required for your test to be carried out.

Your GP may advise you to attend the Radiology Department at Perth Royal Infirmary Mon-Fri between 9 am - 4 pm for a standard x-ray.

 For other scans and x-rays you will be advised that you will receive an appointment when to attend for your x-ray or scan.

You should wait a minimum of 7 days after your test before calling reception for your result (at busy times results can take longer to reach us) -  please call Mon-Fri after 11:30 am in order to keep the phone lines free at busy times. 

Please be aware that if an x-ray or scan has been requested by a hospital/secondary care clinician then the results will be returned to and dealt with by the requesting clinican and not your GP.